DIY DRO Downloads

This page contains download links for precompiled verions of TouchDRO firmware for DIY DRO adapters. The firmware is compiled for Texas Instruments MSP430G2553 microcontoller only, and will not work on other varians of MSP430.

NOTE:DIY DRO adapter firmware offered on this page is free only for personal/non-commercial use. For commercial use or resale please purchase a genuine TouchDRO controller.

Universal Firmware - 32 Bit

This version of the firmware supports Glass/Magnetic Scales, iGaging EZ-View DRO, iGaging Abslolure DRO Plus, and Shahe linear scales. It is the same firmware that comes pre-installed on the TouchDRO DIY DRO Adapter Kit. For more information please refer to the build instructions for ESP32-Based DIY Digital Readout

Version Description Release Date Files
1.6 - Current Fixed timing for iGaging EZ-View Rev. 1.7B
Updated negative bit for Shahe scales
USB output no longer requires BlueTooth connection
Mar 12, 2023 zip
1.4 Initial release for ESP32 DIY adapter Oct 31, 2022 zip

Firmware for iGaging and Shahe DRO Scales

This version of the firmware supports classic iGaging DigiMag and AccuRemote DRO scales. It is the same firmware that comes pre-installed on the TouchDRO Adapter for iGaging Scales, TouchDRO Adapter for Shahe Scales, and TouchDRO DIY DRO Adapter Kit

Version Description Release Date Files
2.4 - Recommended Stability and performance improvements. Jan 18, 2021 ti-txt
2.0 Added support for Shahe 5403 and Absolute DRO+ scales; better tachometer resolution.
Note: This firmware outputs scale clock on each clock line as opposed to pin 1.7
Oct 10, 2019 ti-txt
1.31 Added support for the tachometer; improved scale clock stability Jan 11, 2015 hexti-txt
1.2 Updated the code to be pin-compatible with the Mixed Scale version August 24, 1013 hexti-txt

Firmware for Glass DRO Scales

Supports Glass and Magnetic DRO scales with quadrature output and has same functionality as the firmware that ships pre-installed on the TouchDRO Adapter for Glass Scales

Version Description Release Date Files
1.2 Added support for touch probe Jan 31, 2016 hexti-txt
1.1 Added support for the tachometer and 1 micron scales Jan 11, 2015 hexti-txt
0.1 First release November 19, 2013 hexti-txt

Mixed Scale DRO Firmware

This firmware supports iGaging DigiMag/AccuRemote "Remote DRO" scales as well as inexpensive calipers and 48 bit Sylvac-type Chinese scales.

Version Description Release Date Files
1.0 - Recommended Stability improvements. January 18, 2016 hexti-txt
0.3 Added support for tachometer, and clock output for iGaging Digmag/Remote DRO scales July 10, 2014 hexti-txt
0.2 First release November 24, 2013 hex

STL Files

The files below are available under the Creaetive Commons "Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike" license.

Description Version Release Date Files
Enclosure for TouchDRO Quadrature Adapter V2 1.1 June 26, 2022 zip
Enclosures for TouchDRO iGaging and Shahe Adapters V2 1.0 June 10, 2021 zip
Enclosure for Legacy TouchDRO iGaging Adapter with Micro-USB 1.0 September 12, 2020 zip