TouchDRO Initial Configuration

TouchDRO offers a lot of flexibility and can be customized for a variety of use cases. When you start the application for the first time, it will load the default settings that might be incorrect for your particular machine setup. Therefore, before using TouchDRO, it will be necessary to correctly configure the application. The configuration is done using the TouchDRO Settings page that can be accessed from the main application drawer menu.

In this guide, we will cover only the settings that need to be configured for the application to work correctly; for additional information about TouchDRO configuration and features, please refer to the User Manual.

If you are planning to use TouchDRO with multiple machines or on a combination machine (such as mill/lathe combo or a horizontal/vertical mill), start by familiarizing yourself with the concept of TouchDRO Configurations.

General Settings

General settings section
General settings section

Machine type determines which functions are enabled, the format of the saved tool offset library, and the default projection in the graphical view and sub-datum memory.

When Metric Mode is enabled, TouchDRO will default to metric units throughout the application, including the sub-datum memory, some settings, etc.

Use Shared Tool Library setting should be enabled if you are upgrading from TouchDRO V2.5; for new installation it's recommended to leave it off.

User Interface Settings

User interface settings page
User interface settings page

Readout Display Format determines how many digits will be displayed after the decimal point. For glass and magnetic DRO scales 0.0000 in/0.000mm is recommended; for capacitive scales 0.000 in./0.00mm might provide a more stable display.

Axis Settings (X, Y, Z)

Axis settings section
Axis settings section

Axis settings are used to configure input axis parameters and per-axis readout display. This is where you will be able to customize TouchDRO for your specific machine and use case. The settings are covered in more detail in the Axis Settings action of the User Manual.

Primary input settings
Primary input settings

Note that by default, axis resolution is set to 10000 encoder counts per inch, which is likely not the appropriate value for your scales. To set the resolution to the correct resolution, please follow the Scale Calibration instructions once you've installed your scales on the machine. For rough testing, you can set the resolution as follows:

Below are the recommended initial settings for the common machine types:


For most lathe setup, the following changes (from defaults) are most commonly used:

Vertical Milling Machine

Horizontal Milling Machine

Surface Grinder

Combination Machine