System Requirements

Required Recommended
Android Version 5.0 or newer (Fire OS 5 or newer) 8.0 or newer (Fire OS 7 or newer)
Screen Size 7" or larger 9" or larger
Screen Resolution 1024x600 1920x1080
Input Touch screen or keyboard/mouse 1 Touch screen
Connectivity BlueTooth2 BlueTooth

Recommended Devices

Most modern Android tablets or Amazon Fire Tablets that ship with Android OS 5.0 or Fire OS 5 (respectively) are compatible with TouchDRO, as long as they satisfy the above system requirements.

The following tablets are commonly used and have good track record:

There are hundreds of other Android devices currently on the market, covering a range of features, sizes and price points.
TouchDRO's user interface is designed primarily for tablets.
The application will work on smaller devices, such as phones, but the user experience will be less optimal.

1. TouchDRO can be installed on a non-tablet device (a netbook or even Raspberry Pi) running Android 5.0 or later and used with keyboard and mouse.

2. Even though the application supports USB connectivity for some USB controllers, such as FTDI RS232, BlueTooth is recommended as the connection is more stable and reliable.