System Requirements

Required Recommended
Android Version 4.0 or newer 4.4.4 or newer
Screen Size 4.5" or larger 7" or larger
Screen Resolution 800x480 1024x600
Input Touch screen or keyboard/mouse 1 Touch screen
Connectivity BlueTooth or USB 2 BlueTooth

Recommended Devices

There are hundreds of different Android devices currently on the market, covering a range of features, sizes and price points. TouchDRO's user interface is designed primarily for tablets. The application will work on smaller devices, such as phones, but the user experience will be less optimal.

In theory, any device that satisfies the above requirements will work. In practice, there might be subtle differences introduced by various device manufacturers, so it's best to stick with a brand-name tablet. Below is a list of devices that have good track record.2

1. TouchDRO can be installed on a non-tablet device (a netbook or even Raspberry Pi) running Android 4.0 or later and used with keyboard and mouse.

2. Even though the application supports USB connectivity for some USB controllers, such as FTDI RS232, BlueTooth is recommended as the connection is more stable and reliable.

3. TouchDRO is routinely tested on several of the above tablets (Google Nexus 7, Nexus Pixel C, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Tab Note 10.1, Galaxy Tab 2, Galaxy Tab E and Amazon Fire, as well as few others.

Note on Cheap Tablets

There is a number of inexpensive no-name tablets that work well, but your mileage might warry with those. A number of TouchDRO users experienced problems with BlueTooth connectivity and UI glitches due to the fact that these tablets were missing critical libraries or lacked proper hardware.