This manual is being updated for TouchDRO V3.0, which is currently available for closed Beta testing. Some information in the "User Manual" section might differ from your current TouchDRO V2.5 setup.

System Requirements

Required Recommended
Android Version 5.0 or newer 8.0 or newer
Screen Size 7" or larger 9" or larger
Screen Resolution 1024x600 1920x1080
Input Touch screen or keyboard/mouse 1 Touch screen
Connectivity BlueTooth2 BlueTooth

Recommended Devices

There are hundreds of different Android devices currently on the market, covering a range of features, sizes and price points. TouchDRO's user interface is designed primarily for tablets. The application will work on smaller devices, such as phones, but the user experience will be less optimal.

Most modern Android tablets that shipp with Android OS 5.0 are compatible with TouchDRO, as long as they satisfy the above system requirements.

1. TouchDRO can be installed on a non-tablet device (a netbook or even Raspberry Pi) running Android 5.0 or later and used with keyboard and mouse.

2. Even though the application supports USB connectivity for some USB controllers, such as FTDI RS232, BlueTooth is recommended as the connection is more stable and reliable.

Problematic Devices

In October of 2022, Samsung has introduced a bug in their latest release of Android 12 that affects TouchDRO. The symptom is random momentrary freezing for the position readout for about 500 milliseconds. Affected tablets include:

There is currently no fix or workaround for ths issue, so it's best to avoid Samsung tablets running Android 12. Instead, consider Lenovo M8 (any generation) or Lenovo M10 (any generation).