TouchDRO Plus - Advanced DRO System

What is TouchDRO Plus

TouchDRO Plus is currently under development. It will be an enhanced version of the application that includes some advanced features above and beyond what is available in the current [basic] version.

TouchDRO Plus-Only Features

Price and Availability

The "Plus" version will be a paid upgrade to the current basic version. At this point, the final price has not been finalized.

Plus version code is already part of the currently released TouchDRO version, and is available to a small number of people for early testing. Once there is a critical mass of tested features, access will be given to people who actively participated in Alpha and Beta testing of the initial TouchDRO V3 release.

The Plus version has been available for closed testing since the end of Q3, 2023. If things go as planned, it will be available in Google Play Store and Amazon App Store in the first quarter of 2024.