Digital readout screen with five axis readouts and graphical layout display.

TouchDRO is the first of its kind tablet-based digital readout. Thanks to its modern Android-based multi-touch graphical user interface, it offers unparalleled versatility, functionality and ease of use.

TouchDRO is much more than just another DRO. It is an advanced tool that simplifies complex operations, speeds up mundane tasks and will push the limits of what's possible on a manual machine.

  • Four axis inputs with axis summing
  • Touch probe and tachometer support
  • Wide compatibility with modern DRO scales
  • Multiple machine and user configurations
  • Support for milling and turning machines
  • Feed rate and chip load display
  • Real-time graphical layout view
  • Calibrated reference image overlay1
  • Hands-free sub datum recall
  • Sub datum and tool memory import/export1

1 Requires TouchDRO Plus version and compatible hardware.

In 2012, we set out to create a customizable high-end DRO that would be accessible to small machine shops, hobby machine shop enthusiasts, and makers. It is developed with feedback from the community and focuses on flexibility and ease of use.

TouchDRO runs on readily available Android tablets and can interface with the vast majority of modern DRO scales and encoders.

With TouchDRO, you will get a digital readout system that can be built and customized to fit your specific needs and adapt when your needs change. Your DRO will not become obsolete and, most importantly, it will not hold you back.

Getting Started with TouchDRO

Select DRO Scales

To ensure your digital readout is accurate and reliable, it's important to choose the right scales. Begin by consulting the DRO Scale Selection Guide, which outlines the advantages and disadvantages of commonly used DRO scales. For a list of our recommended scales and where to buy them, refer to the Recommended DRO Scales section.

Buy or Build TouchDRO Adapter

To buy one of the official TouchDRO scale adapters, visit the Store section. If you prefer to build one from scratch, start with the Do-it-Yourself DRO Build page.

Select a Tablet to Run TouchDRO

TouchDRO works on the majority of Android and Amazon Kindle tablets. See TouchDRO System Requirements for a list of recommended tablets.

Install and Configure TouchDRO Application

You can download and install the TouchDRO application for your Android tablet from Google Play Store or from Amazon App Sore for a Kindle Fire tablet. Follow the TouchDRO Quick Start Guide guide to complete the setup.