TouchDRO is a powerful Digital Readout for machine shop enthusiasts, makers and small machine shops alike. It is a modular system that uses an Android tablet for the DRO display and works with a large selection of DRO scales. Thanks to its modern multi-touch graphical user interface, TouchDRO can offer ease of use and functionality that rivals the high-end digital readouts.

As a hobby machine shop enthusiast, I set out to design an affordable high-quality DRO for small machine shops, makers and hobby machinists alike. With feedback from the machinist community and focus on reliability, convenience, and ease of use, TouchDRO has become a full featured and flexible digital readout system. It is much more than just a DRO emulator application.TouchDRO is a powerful system that leverages software to simplify complex operations, speed up mundane tasks and push the limits of what's possible on a manual machine.

Getting Started with TouchDRO

Select DRO Scales

To ensure your digital readout is accurate and reliable, it's important to choose the right scales. Begin by consulting the DRO Scale Selection Guide, which outlines the advantages and disadvantages of commonly used DRO scales. For a list of our recommended scales and where to buy them, refer to the Recommended DRO Scales section.

Buy or Build TouchDRO Adapter

To buy one of the official TouchDRO scale adapters, visit the Store section. If you prefer to build one from scratch, start with the Do-it-Yourself DRO Build page.

Select a Tablet to Run TouchDRO

TouchDRO works on the majority of Android and Amazon Kindle tablets. See TouchDRO System Requirements for a list of recommended tablets.

Install and Configure TouchDRO Application

You can download and install the TouchDRO application for your Android tablet from Google Play Store or from Amazon App Sore for a Kindle Fire tablet. Follow the TouchDRO Quick Start Guide guide to complete the setup.