This manual is being updated for TouchDRO V3.0, which is currently available for closed Beta testing. Some information in the "User Manual" section might differ from your current TouchDRO V2.5 setup.

DIY Adapter for Capacitive Scales

Supported Scales

DIY DRO adapter kit supports 3V capacitive linear scales that use iGaging 21-bit protocol, iGaging Absolute protocol and BIN6 protocol. This inludes:

  • iGaging EZ-View DRO Plus
  • iGaging DigiMag (and it's rebranded variants)
  • iGaging Absolute DRO Plus
  • Shahe 5403-xxx "Digital Liner DRO Scales with Round Display"
  • Shahe 5403-xxxA/F "Digital Liner DRO Scales with Square Display"

If your scale displays look like one of the displays below (including color and markings), this adapter will work with them

Scales supported by TouchDRO DIY DRO Adapter for iGaging Scales
Scales supported by TouchDRO DIY DRO Adapter for iGaging Scales

If you are unsure which scales you have, please refer to the list of Compatible Capacitive DRO Scales to identify your model.


Scale Inputs 4
Tachometer Input Yes
Probe/Height Setter Yes
Power Supply 5V DC - 9V DC
Current Draw Approx. 50 mA
Width 2.325"
Length 2.9"

Bill of Materials

Value Description Qty. Reference
MSP430G2553 16-Bit mixed-signal microcontroller (pre-programmed) 1 U1
HC-05 Bluetooth Transceiver, Slave 1 HC-05
LM1117T-3.3 Voltage Regulator, 3.3V 800 mA, LDO 1 LM1117
Capacitor, 100 uF Cap. electrolytic, 110uF, 35V 2 C1, C2
Capacitor, 0.1uF Cap. ceramic, 0.1uF 50V 9 C3-C11
Resistor, 330 Ohm Metal film resistor, 330 Ohm, 1/4W, 5% 2 R2, R3
Resistor 47KOhm Metal film resistor, 47 KOhm, 1/4W, 5% 1 R1
Diode Schottky Diode, 20 mA 40 Volt 2 D1, D2
LED LED, Green 3mm, 20 mA 2 HB, PWR
Power Jack 2.1x5.5 mm power input jack, PCB mount 1 Pwr
DIY Adapter for Capacitive Scales Schematic
DIY Adapter for Capacitive Scales Schematic

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